Like the 300 HD, the Processor 500 HD is both durable and strong. This differs from its sister product by being even bigger - working to a depth of 5 meters and with a weight of 2,580kg. Despite its strength, the wearresistant steel stem is both nimble and streamlined.

Powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system, and benefiting from its ability to reach difficult or soft areas, the Processor 500 HD can mix materials everywhere the excavator goes. Dry and wet binders or chemical agents are delivered to the area of the highest mixing shear by an attached 80-mm diameter pipe, injected via nozzle located between the mixing drums.

The attachment is equipped with automatic torque adjustment valves between the two hydraulic motors, drum rpm and temperature sensors as well as sensors for oil leakage detection inside the frame construction. The excavator operator controls the rotational direction of the drums to adjust for most effective mixing. 2m and 3m extension tubes are also available as options for added working depth.


  • Civil engineering
  • Contanimated sites remediation
  • Coastal facilities
  • Solidification


ModelWeightWorking depthBase machine (ton)Hydraulic pressureHydraulic flowHydraulic power
KgLbsmftmetric tonlbMPapsiLpmGpmkWhp
Processor 500 HD2.445 5.390 5 16 25 - 40 55.000 - 88.000 23 - 35 3.300 - 5.100 200 - 300 50 - 80 160 215